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Membership in the ISPCOP is a privilege and not a right, and is contingent upon compliance with the requirements specified in these Bylaws. No person shall be accepted or continued as a member unless the person is of good character and adheres to the ethical standards of the medical profession, and is practicing in accordance with the principles of this ISPCOP as set forth in the Bylaws. 

Categories of Membership:

  • Active: A licensed physician who has completed an approved medical school degree program accredited by the American Council for Graduate Medical Education or their foreign equivalent. Only active members of the Society shall be permitted to vote, hold office and serve on the Board of Directors. Unless otherwise defined or qualified, the term “member” or “membership” as used in these Bylaws shall refer to active members. Annual dues are $50 USD.

  • Resident/Fellow: A physician, who is in full-time training in an approved residency program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education or their foreign equivalent, shall qualify for resident membership. Membership shall be for the term of appointment in an accredited residency, but for a period not to exceed eight (8) years. Except as provided in Section 3.2a of the Bylaws, resident members shall have all the privileges of active membership. No membership dues.

  • Affiliate: All allied health care providers who are involved in the perioperative care of the obese patient or a scientist who maintains an interest in the fields related to it. 

  • Emeritus: Any member who has remained in good standing for ten (10) consecutive years and has retired from professional practice may be nominated for Emeritus membership. Nominations for Emeritus status shall be submitted by the membership, and Emeritus membership shall be conferred by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Emeritus members shall not be assessed membership dues.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are assessed on a calendar year basis. 

  • Active (1-year membership) ($50 USD per year)

  • Active (3-year membership) ($135 USD)

  • Affiliate (1-year membership) ($50 USD per year)

  • Fellow/Resident (1-year membership) (Free)

  • Medical Student (1-year membership) (Free)

Active members will be expected to attend annual meetings, actively participate on committees, and participate in the scientific and social functions, and activities of ISPCOP. Active and Honorary members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of this Society.


Resident members, Emeritus members, and Affiliated members shall be entitled, but not required, to participate in the scientific and social functions and activities of ISPCOP. They shall be eligible to vote but not to be elected as officer or director.

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